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National B&B Week is supported by a whole host of partners across the travel and tourism industries. From small local tourist associations to some of the biggest names in global online travel, organisations throughout the country are giving their backing to this industry-wide initiative:

What our partners say

Read more from some of the companies and organisations getting behind National B&B Week and showing their support for the UK’s independent accommodation sector:

As the UK’s most popular booking suite for B&Bs, guest houses and independent hotels, we fervently believe in championing the UK B&B sector and are giving National B&B Week our full support.

National B&B Week really celebrates the important role of B&Bs to the tourism industry in the UK. We are delighted to be part of it and to keep supporting those who create such memorable experiences for travellers to the UK.

Booking.com is proud to support National B&B Week, and to celebrate the incredible work of our amazing B&B partners throughout the country who deliver outstanding, authentic, local experiences to travellers each and every day.

The Great British Bed & Breakfast is an integral part of what makes a visit to the UK amazing and memorable.  Google recognises their valuable contribution to the tourism industry in this country and is proud to support National B&B Week.

National B&B Week is a celebration dedicated to all of the committed, passionate and hard-working people who help make a British holiday or break the wonderful experience it is. We are glad to support it, and the whole British B&B and guest house sector, to help it thrive as a cornerstone of British tourism.

The British Bed & Breakfast is one of the fundamentals of what makes a visit to Britain great for overseas visitors. We support National B&B Week as a celebration of the valuable contribution they make to the tourism industry in this country.

The AA are very pleased to support National B&B Week, to celebrate the outstanding quality, personal service and value that the great British B&B offers to guests.

National Express carry thousands of passengers a day to some of the country’s most popular holiday destinations, where they enjoy the unrivalled value and welcome of the British B&B. We are happy to add our support to National B&B Week.

Interested in supporting National B&B Week?

We want even more companies and organisations to get involved in National B&B Week!


Because we want to make as much noise as possible about the Great British B&B, to make people think of a B&B first when planning a stay and to encourage them to enjoy the unique and genuine hospitality that only independent accommodation can provide.


By getting as many partners as possible from across the tourism industry to shout with one voice to promote the country’s independent hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs. The more noise we can make together, the more we’ll be heard!

What’s in it for me?

If you work with B&Bs, this is your chance to show your support for the hardworking individuals, families and small teams behind their success. Your brand will be featured here on the National B&B Week website where it can be seen by the 20,000 B&Bs across the UK, and we are planning on generating plenty of media interest to give your brand free exposure.

What do I need to do?

  • Encourage all of the B&Bs who you work with to upload an offer to the National B&B Week website. The more original the offer the better, as these are those that are most likely to attract press attention.
  • Encourage all of your customers to book or stay in a B&B during National B&B Week. There are hundreds of fantastic offers, from discounts and upgrades to hampers of local goodies, discounted admission to local attractions, unlimited free ice cream and free baking classes. 

Here are some specific suggestions of how you can get involved based on your type of business or organisation:

Online Travel Agent

Lower or waive your commission on bookings made during National B&B Week for all B&Bs or participating properties.

Run a competition for a guest to win a free B&B stay.

Tourist Board

Mobilise your local press and PR contacts to get your participating B&Bs some media coverage on TV, radio, online or in print. 

Host a special event, such as a breakfast or afternoon tea at a tourist information centre.


Set up a promotion on your website to offer your B&B customers a discount during National B&B Week.

Run a competition to win B&B essentials such as kitchen equipment, tableware, linen, toiletries, technology… whatever goods and services you sell!

Transport Company

Run a competition for passengers booking or travelling during National B&B Week to win a trip to a popular tourist destination where they can find a great choice of B&Bs to stay.

Feature National B&B Week in your in-house magazine for travellers 

Trade Publisher

Publish a feature in your magazine or on your website about some of the amazing B&Bs to be found around the country and some of the best National B&B Week offers.

Offer advice and encouragement to your readers on how to submit special offers to the National B&B Week website.

Trade Body

Offer a discount or special introductory offer on an annual subscription to new members who join you during National B&B Week

Send a newsletter to your members to encourage them to get behind National B&B Week and submit their best offers to the website.

Interested in supporting National B&B Week?


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